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Low credit score? Past violations, bankruptcies or other negative marks on your credit reports? These are problems that many Americans face and do not know what to do with. But if you know where to look by going to one of the best credit repair...

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About $ 743,000 remains of money Andrew Gillum intended to use to “turn Florida blue”

After Andrew Gillum's defeat during the Florida gubernatorial race in 2018, the Democrat and former Tallahassee mayor said he would redirect his remaining political money to "turn Florida blue" by registering new voters. Some of this money went to voter registration efforts and political donations, data shows, although much more went to legal fees and other expenses. The Forward Florida Political Committee still has about $ 743,000 left this week.The fund's earnings have mostly stagnated since April, with a $ 27 contribution from John Bergman of Larkspur, California in November.However, the spending side has seen much more activity, with $…

Americans have been saving more money since the pandemic started and so can you

It's America Saves Week. Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry signed a statement for the week and institutions are encouraging people to save money. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The pandemic has changed many ways we do things and according to data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, it has changed how much money Americans save. In April 2020, when the pandemic first began and a large part of the country was closed, the US personal savings rate rose to 32 percent. This means that Americans save a third of their disposable income. Everything goes back to human behavior. Our thinking in April…

Submitting a tax extension? If you lack stimulus money, this is what happens

You can submit an extension of your taxes no later than April 15. Sarah Tew / CNET With the tax season officially here, it's time to collect your documents and submit your tax return. However, if you need more time to prepare, you can apply for an extension with the IRS, which would make your new due date file taxes October 15 instead Deadline April 15. But because the only way to get someone lacks stimulus money is by claiming it on your tax refund, what happens if you file a tax return if you also expect a payment? And…

Credit Karma gives credit karma money to the masses with TurboTax integration, the first with intuit

OAKLAND, California - (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) - Credit Karma, the consumer technology platform with more than 110 million members in the US, Canada and the UK expands the availability of its new US checking account Credit Karma Money ™ Spend1 to more members including consumers who receive a refund when they file their taxes with Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), TurboTax®. The integration comes as a result of Intuit's acquisition of Credit Karma in December 2020 and is the first time the two companies are working together to achieve their combined goal of helping consumers pay debts, build wealth and gain access…

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