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Disney’s Gina Carano shooting condemned as “Hollywood Blacklist” against conservatives

Conservative actress Gina Carano found rare support among liberals in the mainstream media after she fired "The Mandalorian" over social media and was released by her agency UTA. In an essay entitled "Firing Actors for Being Conservative Is Another Hollywood Blacklist," New York newspaper columnist Jonathan Chait began by recalling the polarizing period in the entertainment industry when suspected communists were banned from working in the Red Scare in the 1940s and 1950s. Chait dismissed the "anti-Semitic" accusations that Carano has made in an Instagram post that compared the political divide in America to the events that led to the…

GOP Sens. Roy Blunt, Tim Scott facing change to hold back funds from schools that do not reopen

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri and Tim Scott from South Carolina has introduced a budget amendment that will include federal aids if public schools do not resume personal learning even after the teachers has received a COVID-19 vaccine. The senators, who submitted change on Thursday issued a joint statement saying the proposal was in the students' best interests. Republican Sen. Scott Scott of South Carolina, left, and Roy Blunt of Missouri. (Getty Images / AP)"Keeping our country's students out of the classroom for a year permanently damages an education's ambitions and opportunities for an entire generation," in Scott. "The…

How Reddit’s GameStop stock battle with Wall Street turned into a ‘crazy’ war

GameStops and AMC shares have risen in recent days. Here's what's going on. Sarah Tew / CNET Wall Street investors invested heavily in what was struggling video game retailer GameStop would fail, and they have been betting for a long time. Over the years, it has been one of the toughest efforts on the market. In recent months, however, a lot Reddit users have bought up shares and pushed up GameStopvalue and undermine Wall Street's major investments. At first, these forum traders bought because they thought the company was doing better than Wall Street doubters thought. Since then, as GameStop…

SpaceX cancels Starship SN10 test launch by 0.1 seconds on …

[embed][/embed]Past Jackie Wattles, CNN BusinessUpdated 16:15 ET, Wed 3 March 2021 Austin, Texas (CNN Business)Another SpaceX rocket prototype is being operated and is ready for a test flight on Wednesday, but in the last moments before the shutdown, the vehicle's engines sprayed off and the company announced that it had interrupted the flight.

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