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Coronavirus in Michigan: Here’s What You Need to Know February 4, 2021

DETROIT - The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has increased to 563889 as of Wednesday, including 14,704 deaths, state officials report.Wednesday's update contains 1383 new cases and 32 additional deaths. On Tuesday, the state reported a total of 562,510 cases and 14,672 deaths.New COVID-19 cases have leveled off and deaths are slowly beginning to decline. The tests have been stable with more than 40,000 diagnostic tests reported on average per day, with the 7-day positive level down to 4.9% as of Tuesday. Hospital stays continues to decline in recent weeks.Michigan 7-day moving average for daily falls…

How EDD, Bank of America Earns Millions on Unemployment in California

Click to enlarge Photo: Julie Hansen Julie Hansen with her son. The couple has stayed in Hansen's Fiat and with friends while she fights for almost 13,000 dollars tied up in her frozen state Bank of America unemployment payment card. She did not know it at the time, but in September last year, everything began to fall apart for Julie Hansen. It was late in the month when the hard-working Disneyland candy maker noticed a series of suspicious charges totaling $ 12,222.23 on her state-issued Bank of America unemployment payment card. First, the money was credited back to her account.…

How a Texas storm exposed an energy grid that was not prepared for climate change

WASHINGTON - A devastating one winter storm who has thrown Texas into one elkris offers warning signs for the United States that Biden administration trying to prepare for a future where extreme weather is a greater risk and America is almost entirely powered by renewable energy.Energy production is a challenge. But an equally daunting task is to store power from renewable energy for extreme events like the one hammering Texas. In Texas, the center of a wave of outages across the southern and central parts of the United States, the primary power grid was hit by a one-two blow that…

Super Bowl LV celebrations after the game raise COVID concerns

Despite repeated calls from public health officials, many fans inside and outside Tampa's Raymond James Stadium seemed to throw COVID-related caution against the wind as they celebrated their team's big victory in Super Bowl LV. CBS Tampa Branch WTSP-TV reports few had masks or socially distanced. Many officials worry that the game will do stop being a "super-spreader."NFL's signature event - where values The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat defending champion Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 for their first Lombardi trophy in 18 years - did not look like any of the previous 54. About 25,000 fans were allowed to participate in…

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