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It has long been discussions that AT&T is selling DirecTV, which they bought for $ 49 billion back in 2015. Since last month, these discussions took a twist News that AT&T had exclusive talks with the investment firm TPG Capital about this, but that the...

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Golden Globes are usually a liquor festival. This year’s show may have a different atmosphere.

In a normal year, the Golden Globes show is the ultimate Hollywood shindig: thousands of glasses of champagne, freewheeling receptions, backstage pranks, lots of stars hobbling at cramped banquet tables.If the Oscars show the film industry as the most self-conscious formal, the Globes give us Quentin Tarantino who spits out his drink when he loses a direction to Ben Affleck."It's usually a big big party," says Anne Thompson, an editor at the film publication IndieWire.But this year - like weddings, office meetings and almost every other event involving people outside your home - Globes will be a largely virtual event.…

Super Bowl 2021: Introductory poet Amanda Gorman set out to recite poems at the Super Bowl LV (55) premiere ceremony

Getty The poet Amanda Gorman dazzled at the inauguration of the President in 2021 when President Joe Biden swore in office when she read her original poem "The Hill We Climb" and became a favorite artist for many who saw the event. The 22-year-old is now ready to add another big event to her resume, as she was invited to recite a poem ahead of Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida on February 7.On Wednesday, the NFL announced that the young poet will be reciting an original poem during the prelude ceremonies. The performance will honor the three honorary captains,…

February is easily the worst month for prices in a long time

There are still four working days left in February and thus still 4 days for the bond market to undergo one epic recovery that helps mortgage rates come down again. But traders and market watchers have been waiting - if not directly expected - for such a recovery several times in recent weeks just to be disappointed. Just avoiding further rate hikes would be a victory at this point. Even if we manage to avoid further interest rate hikes, February will still fall as worst month for interest rates since January 2018 (March 2020 was worse at nominal value, but…

The head of Canada’s largest pension fund quits after the Covid vaccine journey

Mark Machin, head of Canada's largest pension fund, has resigned after traveling to the Middle East and receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, which provoked a backlash. In a statement, the Canada Board Plan Investment Board said that Machin had traveled to the United Arab Emirates in person and "arranged to be vaccinated against Covid-19".His resignation, after discussions with the board on Thursday night, marked a quick exit from a $ 356 billion pension fund that is both an important part of Canada's pension system for public workers and a global economic heavyweight that has played a role in business, including 2005…

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