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Dowd Agencies, a 120-year-old Holyoke institution, recently announced its acquisition of J. Raymond Lussier Insurance Agency in West Springfield, which was founded in 1975.And Greylock Insurance, the insurance branch of the Greylock Federal Credit Union, has acquired Roger Butler Insurance Agency in Westfield, a fourth...

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OJ Simpson is vaccinated in front of you – and 9/11 mastermind KSM can also: reports

While many Americans are waiting to be vaccinated against coronavirus, at least one infamous figure already has his shot - and another may soon follow, according to reports.Ex-prison OJ Simpson, living in Nevada since he was released from prison in 2017 posted a photo to get himself vaccinated in Las Vegas on Friday."Get your shot. I got mine !!!" Simpson, 73, subtitled the post.The former NFL star, actor and NBC Sports commentator was eligible for the vaccine in Nevada because of his age, his lawyer Malcolm P. LaVergne said, according to the New York Post."If you're 70 years old plus…

Did The Weeknd get paid for the Super Bowl 2021 halftime show?

he did has many body doubles to support. The Weeknd and his field full of bandaged doppelgangers gave a money performance on the Super21 Bowls half-time show. But did the 30-year-old singer "Blinding Lights" actually get any money for the show? Reps for show sponsor Pepsi and The Weeknd both refused to say if he shaved in big money for his overall stadium performance. But the probable answer is no. Every Super Bowl break, from BeyoncĂ© to Bruno Mars, has essentially worked for free. Despite selling out stadiums on world tours, most half-time A-lists is reportedly paid "union scale" which…

Iran is moving forward with the plan to cut UN nuclear inspections

Iran has removed European calls to suspend its plan to cut UN inspections of its nuclear sites and will introduce a new restrictive regime this week, including preventing arms inspectors from accessing camera flows at nuclear facilities. Rapid visits to the websites of UN inspectors will also be banned, Iranian Foreign Ministry officials said.Iran says the measure, mandate of the Iranian Parliament two months ago, in response to the Biden administration's failure to lift sanctions cumulatively imposed by Iran by Donald Trump since 2018.Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said in an interview with state-owned Press TV that Iran was waiting…

Investment versus gambling – two sides of the same chip?

Is stock trading and stocks a form of gambling? This is an issue that arouses a lot of heated debate. The former is often seen as a legitimate career path, a serious pursuit of intelligent individuals dressed in sharp suits and a smart way to use and move around capital - risk money to make money, decide which companies and markets to use. We've all seen the Hollywood movies on Wall Street, where characters push the rules of the stock market to the limit, ride on their luck or skill, and reap the benefits of a high-pressure, high-yield style. It…

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