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The Buccaneers beat the Packers as Tom Brady advanced to the 10th Super Bowl

January 24 (UPI) - Tom Brady and that Tampa Bay Buccaneers was on a 31-26 victory Aaron Rodgers and that Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday at Lambeau Field. With Buc's victory over the top-seeded Packers, 43-year-old Brady advances to the Super Bowl for a record 10th time in his NFL career. Tampa Bay will play the winner of the AFC Championship Game on Sunday night - either the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs or the Buffalo Bills - February 7 at Raymond James Stadium in Super Bowl LV. The Buccaneers (14-5) will be the first…

Podcast: February 17, 2021

Liz Hornyak: This week's section ranks EMU's College of Business and College of Education nationally for having some of the best online degree programs, and the Michigan Department of Education awards Ypsilanti Public Schools a $ 15,000 scholarship to provide students with nutritious meals. I'm your host Liz Hornyak and this is the Easten Echo Podcast. US News and World Report has ranked EMU's integrated marketing program in 60th place in the country, and second place in the state of Michigan for being one of the best online degree programs. According to Kenneth Lord, this is not the first time…

Florida: Killed FBI agent remembered for protecting children

MIAMI GARDENS, Florida (AP) - A killed FBI agent was remembered for his strength, infectious laughter, love of family and his commitment to protecting children during a memorial service Saturday.Agents Laura Schwartzenberger, 43, and Daniel Alfin, 36, were shot down Tuesday while serving an applicant visit to a suspected child pornography in Broward County. The service for Schwartzenberger was held at the Miami Dolphins football stadium. A separate service for Alfin will be held there on Sunday."There are no good words to understand a loss like this, no good words for a day like Tuesday or like today," said FBI…

Mace jokes about Rob Gronkowski’s WrestleMania Dive during the Super Bowl

Rob Gronkowski did not appear in the Super Bowl like his Tampa Bay Buccaneers won The Big Game. This brought a lot of happiness everywhere, unless you rooted for the Kansas City Chiefs.Mace of Retribution paid close attention to the Super Bowl. He shouted Weeknd to jacket Retribution's gimmick. Then he sent a message to Gronk. Mace was one of the people who caught the former WWE 24/7 champion during his WrestleMania 36 dive. He regrets that he did it afterwards.Ȉ͓̱͈ͫ͂ ̿SHOÙ̯̦̈L͇̠̊͗D̯͚̺̋̓̀ H̞͕ͥͯA̾͌ͫV̦͖̬Ẻ ̣̜̗̔͑̄LE̳̾T͐͋̄ ͓ͫG̗̘R̻̝͇̓ͨ̚O͙ͅͅN̺͖͑ͫK̙O͗̀WSḰ͚̦͈̀ͯỈ̺F̮̟͖̉ͣ̒A̰̝ͮ̌L͉̏L͈ͧ TOͮ̐ H̲̪IS ̲̯ͧ͛D͓͍͐̆Ó̼OM̓ͥ́̿̚T͖ͣ ̘̩WR͒E̺͖ͫ̌ST͖̖͒̏L̻̯̹̑̎̍EM̘̓A͊̈̓N̔Ì̓ͣA̭̭ͨ͋ 3̄ͪ6̯͔͇We need to see if Rob Grokowski stays at WWE-TV to…

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