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Quick credit repair fixes: Are they legal?

It is tempting to consider a quick fix for anything, including your credit. However, some things are too good to be true. Good credit can not be rushed, but you can create a good credit history with any strategy. Slowly and steadily, the credit race wins Time heals most things. It sounds cliché, but it also applies to your credit score. Time heals your credit, and It may take a while before you can really create a good credit history and credit points. But many borrowers wonder if there is a quick, magic shortcut to fixing their credit. The bad…

How to graduate from a secure credit card to a reward card

With good financial habits, you can get your deposit back and upgrade to a card that earns rewards.When you either have bad credit Or not much of a credit history at all, secure credit cards are usually one of your only options. This type of card requires a deposit in advance, so card issuers can be much more flexible with who they approve.You probably do not want the credit card company to keep your deposit forever, and that's where the degree comes in. Many secure cards can be rated as unprotected rewards credit cards. If the card issuer lets you…

CEO Orlando Zayas was fired due to a Gap credit card in 2008. Now his billion-dollar ticket company is helping people afford necessities.

Orlando Zayas operates Katapult, a rental company that accepts customers rejected by lenders. Revenue peaked at $ 200 million in 2020. Catapult was valued at $ 1 billion in a SPAC merger agreement. Insider talked to Zayas about how Catapult has flourished during the pandemic. Visit the business section on Insider for more stories. One in five credit card applications was rejected in October, twice as many as before the pandemic, according to Federal Reserve. Orlando Zayas, CEO of the fintech platform Katapult, knows how it feels.A Puerto Rican-born soldier whose father died when he was 10, Zayas had to…

How to fix your credit: 7 ways to fix your bad credit score for free (Credit Repair Guide)

Having bad credit can give you a variety of challenges, from loan approval to rental agreements for your apartment. Understanding how your credit score works is the first step in determining how to fix your credit. Keep your credit card in your wallet at the moment. We have done the survey so that you can focus on fixing your credit and reaching the financial goals on your dream list. Get started with credit repairs Managing credit bureaus is a necessary evil for most people living in the United States. For younger people in their 20s and early 30s, their experiences…

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