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Tesla is investing $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin

BloombergEV companies with almost no revenue 3,000% profit in 8 months(Bloomberg) - There's nothing about the finances of Blink Charging Co. which could suggest that it is one of the hottest stocks in America. it warned last year that it could go bankrupt; it is losing market share, drawing in anemic revenues and has been core through management in recent years. And yet it is a hot stock. Investors have offered Blink's share price up to 3000% over the past eight months. Only seven stocks - out of about 2,700 worth at least $ 1 billion - have risen more…

Philadelphia Futures guides students on the path to academic success

Philadelphia Futures has benefited by providing hundreds of low-income students, first-generation college students with the tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed in college and beyond. And it has done so with great success. According to Philadelphia Futures, 100 percent of the organization's students who were class 2020 members were admitted to college and 100 percent matriculated. For students who are already in college, 99 percent of the class returned to college in 2019 for their second year. The 2016 class has an estimated university degree of 80 percent. Financially, Philadelphia Futures students received $ 5.42 million in institutional support. However,…

China is using patriotism tests to sweep away the last outlet for democracy in Hong Kong

The amendments, which are expected to be introduced in the legislature - where there is no viable opposition - next month and become law soon thereafter, will trigger the expulsion of several young Democratic councilors, even if they read the oath as instructed. Disqualified candidates may not participate in elections for five years."You can not say you love the country but you do not respect" the Chinese Communist Party, said Erick Tsang, Hong Kong's secretary of constitutional and fixed affairs. "That does not sound reasonable."The insistence on "patriots" enables China to ensure that representatives of democracy can not influence the…

House Covid Help Bill Extends Unemployment Benefits by 5 Months, Paying Extra $ 400 Per Week

Al Drago | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesUnemployment benefits are extendedThese programs include Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for the self-employed, gamblers and other non-eligible workers; and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, which pays extra weeks of government benefits to the long-term unemployed.The bill would offer PUA recipients a maximum of 74 week benefits, up from 50. PEUC recipients would receive up to 48 weeks instead of 24.Extra $ 400 per weekBeneficiaries would also receive an extra $ 400 a week through August 29th.State unemployment benefits reimbursed an average of about 38% of workers' wages before dismissal during the third quarter of…

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