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You are probably familiar with AAA as a road supplier, but did you know that some drivers can also get AAA motorcycle insurance? However, AAA does not offer motorcycle coverage in all states - it all depends on your local AAA club. In this article,...

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PALM BEACH, Fla. - Florida is rising after an influx of northerners left lockouts and restrictions on southern Florida sunshine."It's like going to another planet, it's so different," said Jean Shafiroff, who hails from New York City.Jean and her husband came to Florida in January for a 17-day vacation, but the couple from New York are still here and are now looking at real estate to stay permanently."Unfortunately, New York has been in a long lockdown. Restaurants are starting to open, but it's cold and it's hard to see friends, and it's just a lot nicer down here," Jean said.Jean…

RNC President Ronna McDaniel says Trump ‘won’t begin a 3rd social gathering’

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Nationwide Committee (RNC) chair Ronna McDaniel she says is certain of it former President Trump doesn't begin a splinter social gathering.Pointing to latest Republican battles, McDaniel warned that the GOP should be "united" to reach the 2022 election, because the social gathering hopes to regain a majority within the Home and Senate and retain its lead over Democrats in state councils and state legislatures.TOP TRUMP ADIVISER PRESSES BACK ON THIRD PARTY PLANS"I've talked to the president (Trump). I've talked to others across the president, who discuss to him every single day. He won't begin a 3rd social gathering,"…

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States have worked individually to temporarily license more people to give vaccines, but on Thursday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services amended the law on public preparedness and preparedness. The change widens the pool of eligible vaccinators across the United States. As a result, retired physicians and nurses whose licenses have expired in the past five years are now eligible to administer vaccines, and anyone certified to administer vaccines in a state can now also administer them anywhere in the United States.The administration bought another 200 million vaccine doses this week and promised increased distribution to states. Volunteers…

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