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Older drivers have insurance premiums that triple the young ones

Older drivers are charged up to three times as much for their car insurance than younger drivers. Age Action has questioned why older people are charged what they said were inflated premiums. Its comments came after a survey showed that some insurance companies charge triple drivers three times what is available elsewhere in the car insurance market. In one case, the most expensive insurer charged EUR 1,000 more than the cheapest supplier. This is despite the fact that premiums have fallen slightly this year for drivers over the age of 70, according to CEO Jonathan Hehir. His company compared…

Utah Car Insurance Laws | Bank interest

Utah's auto insurance laws require all state drivers to have a minimum coverage liability of 25/65/15. Because Utah is one of 12 conditions without errors In the United States, drivers must also buy at least $ 3,000 protection against personal injury (PIP) coverage. Failure to have at least coverage in Utah could result in penalties. Equally important, however, is the fact that in some cases this minimum coverage may not be enough to cover you completely in the event of a serious accident. Increased liability insurance, along with optional insurance such as collision and comprehensive, are important components of a…

Special registration opens for the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace

Michiganders without health insurance have a rare opportunity to sign up for coverage through The health insurance market. A special COVID-19 enrollment period opened this week and runs through May 15th.Dr. LaShawn McIver, director of the Office of Minority Health Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said there are approx. 30 million Americans without health care coverage, and blacks, Latinos and Native Americans are more likely to be uninsured."We know a lot of people have lost their jobs or gotten pine in the last year, and they're simply waiting for their next job to get health insurance," McIver explained. "So…

What to know about travel insurance when the pandemic begins a second year

When people first started wondering about the novel coronavirus would affect their travel plans, many who had travel insurance received a rude awakening: Pandemics were usually exempt from coverage. Over the next few months, insurers began adjusting and covering travelers if they contracted the virus and had to cancel a trip or seek medical attention when they were away. But there are many other reasons why people may need to cancel a trip during the pandemic that the insurance may not cover. "The first thing to understand is that travel insurance will not cover, in any way, all the different…

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