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As more women enter science, it’s time to redefine mentoring

And it can be invaluable to have a follower "in whose shoes you walk or are likely to walk," says Nilanjana Dasgupta, director of the Institute of Diversity Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. IN her research, Dasgupta has found that same-sex colleagues, who are close to the ages and career stages of their mentors, can have particularly healthy effects, perhaps because it is easier for mentees to recognize themselves in these counselors. "Peer mentors who are only a few years older than the women they mentor are particularly inspiring, as their success seems more achievable," she says.Murrell says…

Black COVID-19 survivors in Michigan get worse results than white counterparts, says UM study

ANN ARBOR Researchers at the University of Michigan studying the effects of COVID-19 on Michiganders have found that black survivors of the virus experience poorer socioeconomic and health outcomes than their white counterparts.The joint research is conducted by the University of Michigan School of Public Health and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as part of the Michigan COVID-19 Recovery Surveillance Study. Researchers hope that the study data will inform future health capacity and interventions during the coronavirus pandemic and other public health crises that arise.The study examined 637 COVID-19 survivors in Michigan.Here are some of the study's…

Houston Power Outage Map: Here’s the power out

CenterPoint Energy reports massive power outages in the Houston area due to the severe winter storm that has hit Texas. HOUSTON - The entire state is experiencing one unmatched power shortage due to a severe winter storm that has taken over Texas. After the CenterPoint interruption map was down most of Monday, it finally came back Monday night. Rotary power outages started across the state. But the disruptions we saw on Monday were caused when demand began to exceed supply, and then the weather began to play a role. The Houston area has seen freezing temperatures for hours, resulting in…

2021 Super Bowl National Anthem: Eric Church, Jazmine Sullivan perform together at Super Bowl LV in Tampa

NFL Super Bowl LV is five days away in Tampa, Florida, and we have covered you for all the events and performances.For the first time, Grammy-nominated artists Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church will collaborate to perform the national anthem ahead of the big game at Raymond James Stadium. Grammy Award-winning artist HER will also appear during the premiere party and is scheduled to sing "America the Beautiful".Church and Sullivan come from different parts of the music scene, with Church an acclaimed country singer and Sullivan in the R&B and pop genre. The two will combine their distinct styles in the…

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