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Thune decides to “interrupt culture” against Republicans who voted to condemn Trump in an uncertain GOP future for the Senate

Senator John Thune, another ally Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, said those aiming to punish senators who voted to convict the former president Donald Trump at his indictment engages in "interrupting culture.""A strong case was made," Thune told the Associated Press about the arguments for the deportation chiefs. "People can come to different conclusions. If we are going to criticize the media and the left for interrupting culture, we can not do it ourselves."The statement from Thune, RS.D., the Senate's minority whip, is one of the most notable comments on the internal divisions in the Senate GOP since Trump released…

Texas storm: millions without heat, water and power as Cruz travels adversity continues – live

Jewish communities, like others throughout the state, are taking steps to meet their own needs. In Dallas, one of the region's two Jewish nursing homes lost both its main power and reserve generator, forcing staff to quickly move residents to the area's other senior centers - fortunately it had free space, which was recently opened. Two Orthodox Jewish-run rescue units, Hatzalah in Dallas and the newly formed Texas Chaverim, both founded by a local resident, Baruch Shawel, sent out patrols to help residents with dead car batteries, medical emergencies and other problems. "It's been pretty wild out here," said Hannah…

2 Top growth stocks with companies that everyone can understand The variegated fool

Investors have come to the conclusion that the stock market is an excellent way to produce wealth in the long run. Where things can get difficult, however, is to choose the stocks that will do the best not only today or this month, but for many years to come. With many investment trends, it can be extremely difficult to understand exactly what companies are doing. If you are not a technician, the latest software-as-a-service platform may be far beyond your comprehension. And even if you know how to drive a car, you may get a headache when you try to…

Why virus variants have such strange names

20H / 501Y.V2.VOC 202012/02.B.1.351.These were the charming names that researchers suggested for a new variant of the coronavirus that was identified in South Africa. The strings of letters, numbers and dots involved are deeply meaningful to the researchers who designed them, but how would anyone else keep them straight? Even the easiest to remember, B.1.351, refers to a completely different lineage of the virus if a single point is missed or misplaced.The naming conventions for viruses were good as long as the variants remained esoteric research topics. But they are now the source of anxiety for billions of people. They…

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