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Teachers’ Association Leads School Resumption: “If the NFL could figure out how to do it, let’s do it”

AFT, which represents about 1.7 million teachers, is one of the country's largest teachers' associations. "We have the highway or roadmap that will allow us to 'reopen schools,'" Weingarten said, pointing to CDC guidance and resources included in President Joe Biden's proposal for coronavirus assistance, slated to be voted on this week. "It's about three things: the stratified restraint strategies, the testing so that you can actually see asymptomatic spread, and vaccine prioritization." "Not that every teacher has to be vaccinated before schools reopen," she continued, "but you should adapt that vaccination to reopening." Asked about states that have done…

Liberal media push QAnon as a new ‘boogeyman’, the Republican Party’s face after Trump

As ordinary media struggle to find a new identity without President Trump to criticize at every turn, critics have noticed that many liberal news organizations have tried to do QAnon conspiracy theory its latest foil in after the Trump world."The media has lined up with Democrats to share rumors that Republicans are QAnon's party," NewsBuster editor-in-chief Tim Graham told Fox News, noting that it is absurd to paint QAnon as the GOP's new face."QAnon people were Trump supporters, but comparing it to Republicans' big writing is a bit like saying Democrats are Communists because factions from the old US Communist…

SW Va schools take the initiative again, create a regional online academy

by James A. Bacon While Virginia's public school bureaucracy fixes issues of racial justice and breaks over how to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic, ten school districts in southwest Virginia are taking matters into their own hands by creating a regional virtual academy. According to a memorandum of understanding signed by the ten districts, the regional academy will employ its own teachers and create its own curriculum. The group is discussing whether to enter into a contract with a private company, Herndon-based Stride Inc., or another entity that is expected to make an offer this week. Online courses would be…

ViacomCBS review of film strategy with new theater windows …

[embed][/embed] Paramount Pictures enters streaming time in a big way, one that will see the 108-year-old studio review how it releases and licenses the films.As part of that effort, Paramount will significantly shrink the time the movies are in theaters. At the same time, the studio has adjusted its pay-TV output with Epix to give thousands of movie titles to the newcomer Paramount Plus banner.In connection with ViacomCBS 'investor presentation today, Paramount Pictures will reveal that they are experimenting with a shorter exclusive exhibition window for theater releases. Instead of the traditional 90 days between theatrical releases and the first…

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