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AG Nessel warns of scam that falsely promises to wipe away all credit card debt

(WWJ) Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is warning of a new credit card scam. The victim told the AG's Consumer Protection Team they received a call from a scammer who insisted that a new Michigan law dissolves credit card debt so long as the person gives away their credit card number, expiration date, security card and ZIP code. Nessel said anyone who receives this call should hang up right away. “Scammers are relentless and will try anything they can to steal your credit card information,” Nessel said in a release. “Especially with tax season approaching, I cannot stress enough how important it…

Nevada Student Loans: Debt Statistics | Student Loan Hero

Refinancing April starts at 1.89%. Checking your prices does not affect your score.Nevada's average federal and private student loans are 30th in the country at $ 32,402, 12% lower than the national average of $ 36,689.The median household income in Nevada ($ 60,365) is slightly lower than the median in the United States at $ 62,843, and as such, residents of Silverstate may still have difficulty managing their student loans.To reduce the cost of college education, Nevada offers certain scholarships and scholarship programs, and it also has a student loan repayment program for existing borrowers. Here's what you need to…

Central Maine Business Document: OTIS Federal Credit Union Raises $ 10,850 to Help End Hunger

JAY - The OTIS Federal Credit Union raised a total of $ 10,850 40 for the Maine Credit Union Campaign to End Hunger in 2020. After receiving an additional $ 487.77 grant from the Maine Credit Union League, Credit Union will have $ 11,335.65 $ at its disposal to distribute to community hunger organizations, according to a press release from the non-profit financial institution. One hundred percent of the funds raised by OTIS FCU to stop hunger are local. The fundraiser was recently announced at the Ending Hunger Celebration Luncheon, which was held practically this year. The representative of OTIS…

7 Best Debt Consolidation Companies: Straightforward Solutions to Debt in 2021

It’s estimated that 80% of Americans are in debt to some degree, with many US citizens caught in a never-ending spiral of debt. Credit cards, medical bills, mortgage payments… it’s easy to lose track of all that money you owe. But for some people, debt consolidation loans are the answer. With low interest rates, flexible loan amounts, and decent repayment terms, debt consolidation companies are a great way to move multiple separate debts into one easy-to-track personal loan payment. Here we take a look at the best debt consolidation loans and answer your FAQs to see whether consolidating debt is…

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