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Credit report errors increase due to COVID – was your credit score hit?

Credit report errors increase due to COVID - was your credit score hit?COVID-19 may have been infected your credit score.File complaints about errors in credit reports flowing into the credit bureaus, according to a consumer group, and the pandemic is to blame.But it is consumers like you who pay the price for these mistakes, as credit points are deducted. There are several important things you can do to protect yourself.Why it happensCasper1774 Studio / ShutterstockThe law in March last year that gave the very first stimulus controls also instructed service providers of federally supported loans and student loans to allow…

OTIS Federal Credit Union raises over $ 10,850 to end famine 2020 – Daily Bulldog

JAY - The OTIS Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce that it raised a total of $ 10,850 for the Maine Credit Union's campaign to end hunger in the calendar year 2020. After receiving an additional $ 487.77 grant from the Maine Credit Union League, Credit Union to have $ 11,335.65 at its disposal to distribute to community hunger organizations of its choice within its area of ​​membership.One hundred percent of the funds raised by OTIS FCU to stop hunger are local.The fundraiser was recently announced at the Ending Hunger Celebration Luncheon, which was held practically this year. Representatives…

Best US credit monitoring services of 2021

Best US credit monitoring servicesCredit scores matter a lot in our modern world. It is, therefore, natural for people to ensure that their credit report remains accurate, if not flawless. Investing in a reliable credit monitoring service is one of the best things you can do. They can help tap into possible fraud that can occur, so they can advise you on what you can do to get yourself protected.They have access to a lot of information. Most people have a hard time keeping track of their public information, but the best US credit monitoring services can do it for…

3 times a personal loan is better than a credit card

While credit cards can work for small purchases that can be repaid quickly, a personal loan is generally the right choice when you need more time.If you are like most people, you make dozens of financial decisions every week. Everything, where you can buy groceries for if you need a new pair of shoes, is a decision. Depending on what is happening in your life, one of these decisions may be how to pay for something you need. Here we cover at least three times the financing of a project with one personal loan is better than withdrawing a credit…

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