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A radical change is approaching how large credit cards work

Credit cards that dominate so many consumers' spending habits, from companies ranging from Mastercard to Visa and even Apple with their Apple card, are slowly changing the look and feel that consumers have come to expect from these card products. Credit cards are becoming increasingly vertical. This comes when apps like TikTok and Instagram acclimatize the world towards a vertical scrolling flow, and it also reflects how most consumers still use their credit cards - by, for example, inserting them into chip readers vertically. Here's something I bet you most did not see coming: TikTok and Instagram are such pervasive…

4 way credit cards can actually help improve your finances

Do not shy away from using credit cards.Credit cards get a bad reputation and with good reason. Card companies strive to catch you in debt for decades by setting low minimum payments, and far too many borrowers come in over their heads.However, the reality is that when you use them responsibly by paying your balance on time and in full, credit cards can be really good for your financial situation. In fact, there are four major ways to improve it.1. Credit cards can help you create your credit scoreA good credit score opens all types of doors for you, allowing…

OTIS Federal Credit Union raises over $ 10,850 to end famine 2020 – Daily Bulldog

JAY - The OTIS Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce that it raised a total of $ 10,850 for the Maine Credit Union's campaign to end hunger in the calendar year 2020. After receiving an additional $ 487.77 grant from the Maine Credit Union League, Credit Union to have $ 11,335.65 at its disposal to distribute to community hunger organizations of its choice within its area of ​​membership.One hundred percent of the funds raised by OTIS FCU to stop hunger are local.The fundraiser was recently announced at the Ending Hunger Celebration Luncheon, which was held practically this year. Representatives…

Are you going to open a credit card just to get a bonus offer?

Bonus offers can be attractive - but is it a good idea to open a card just to get one?Credit card bonus offers are designed to be really attractive to entice you to open an account. So it is not surprising that you can see an offer, like free cash back or miles, and be tempted by it.But what if you do not really need another credit card or are not really interested in the other features that the card offers? Does it ever make sense to open the card only to get the bonus if you do not plan…

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