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AM Best Downgrades Credit Ratings for American Millennium Insurance Company and Citadel Reinsurance Company Limited; Maintained under review with negative consequences

OLDWICK, NJ - (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) -Is best has downgraded Financial Strength Rating (FSR) to C- (Weak) from C ++ (Marginal) and Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating (Long-Term ICR) to “cc” from “b +” from American Millennium Insurance Company (AMIC) ) (Bridgewater, NJ), a wholly owned subsidiary of Citadel Reinsurance Company Limited (Citadel Re) (Hamilton, Bermuda). In addition, AM Best has downgraded FSR to B (Fair) from B ++ (Good) and the long-term ICR to "bb" from "bbb +" from Citadel Re. AM Best has maintained the review that has negative consequences for these credit ratings (ratings). AMIC's rating reflects its strengths…

Presentation of Identistopp – the only credit repair company dedicated to helping victims of identity theft

CORONA, California., December 3, 2020 / PRNewswire / - Credit card debt and identity theft are two of the most common issues for Americans. Although many identity theft victims are too familiar with damaged credit scores as a result, there is simply not a single company that offers solutions that address both of these problems at the same time. Or rather, there was not a single service provider offering credit repair assistance to victims of identity theft - until now. "Identity theft is designed exclusively for those who have suffered credit losses and incurred debts as a result of their…

3 unexpected ways to approve your credit card application

Worried that your credit card application will not be approved? Here are some ways to improve your chances that most people do not know.You are about to apply for a new credit card and you want to lean the odds in your favor as much as possible.Once you are in this situation, you probably already know all the basic advice on how to get your application approved. Pay your bills on time. Check your creditworthiness. Choose a card aimed at consumers within your credit score range. Do not apply for many new cards in a short time.This is all good…

Tips on how millennials can manage their credit card debt and get the best rates

NEW YORK - The financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has a major impact on a generation, millennia.A recent survey by revealed that 56% of millennia have been in debt since March 2020 and 55% said it is directly related to the pandemic.The founder of zero-budget Cindy Zuniga spoke to PIX11 News and offered some tips on how people can manage their debts and get the best prices.

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