Pyrus helps RP Canon Medical Systems combat COVID-19 with streamlined internal processes for faster distribution of life-saving CT and MRI scanners

PALO ALTO, California., February 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pyrus announces a strategic partnership with RP Canon Medical Systems for digital transformation and streamlining of processes for the distribution of diagnostic imaging equipment.

During a pandemic, accurate and rapid diagnostics save lives, and Canon’s CT, MRI and ultrasound scanners are crucial to that goal. Hospitals and medical institutions in over 150 countries rely on Canon Medical systems to provide these much-needed devices for detecting diseases early and lower mortality. And now RP Canon Medical Systems, Canon’s newly formed subsidiary in partnership with RPharm Group, trusts Pyrus, a leading platform with low code, for digital transformation of internal processes to make it easy for these important devices to move from development to end patient smoothly.

Technology, safety and seamless implementation are of utmost importance to RP Canon Medical Systems, so they spent several months testing solutions to build and control workflows across different departments in a large international division. Software requirements included the ability to support operations in each department and across different departments, configuration flexibility, the ability to adapt to a dynamic environment, an intuitive user-friendly interface, built-in mobile apps, and a flexible process automation method. After a thorough control process, the company finally decided to move its key workflows, including CRM, sales, product configuration, logistics, installation, service and customer support, to a unified work environment provided by Pyrus.

“We are pleased that all tasks, workflows, communications and approvals will be performed in Pyrus,” he said. Denis Cherednichenko, Director General of RP Canon Medical Systems. “Having a single system to facilitate seamless collaboration between teams in different offices and countries, and with employees, contractors and customers in the field and remote control will be a game changer in our fight against COVID.”

The project implementation will be carried out in four steps. The first step includes automation of product configuration, service desk and approval processes. As a result, employees of RP Canon Medical Systems will work with flexible client forms and a preconfigured complex quote to sell equipment. Because RP Canon’s salespeople are often on the go, they will easily interact with customers directly on site via the Pyrus mobile apps. Commercial proposals, contracts, purchase orders and other documents are generated automatically, with a few clicks, based on the templates. A sales funnel will be presented with analysis and reporting. After each contract is signed, the implementation tasks are quickly transferred to the logistics, website and service departments in a single Pyrus system. RP Canon Medical Systems and Pyrus plan to complete the implementation of the first step by the end of April 2021, with subsequent steps to follow shortly thereafter

Mr. Naokazu Yuasa, Head of Global Sales Planning Department for Canon Medical Systems, said of the project: “We are pleased to find a backrest partner to achieve our goals for rapid distribution of these important machines. When all workflows are set up and running smoothly, you and your “employees’ time and allows them to use their skills and abilities to focus on what matters most. The system helps to achieve more, not chaos.”

Pyrus VD, Max Nalsky, “We strongly believe that companies should not adapt to software. Instead, the software should adapt to the business and its requirements. Today’s environment is a unique opportunity for visionary companies, such as RP Canon Medical Systems, to build a new type of organization. : fast, alive and ever-changing, ready to continually invent itself. It is our honor to help strengthen the global healthcare system and fight the pandemic with Canon Medical. “

About Pyrus

Pyrus is a low-code platform for real-time messaging, task management and business process automation. It creates a unified communication environment for all companies and can be used in all business areas, including sales, marketing, procurement, finance, HR, AP and beyond. Pyrus helps digitize companies in 40 countries around the world.

For more information, call Lea Grossman at (650) 262-3242 or email [email protected].


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