NCAA Snapshot for West Virginia Basketball Team

WVSports – NCAA Snapshot for West Virginia Basketball Team

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West Virginia wants to return to the NCAA tournament after it was not played a season ago and is looking at where the climbers are in that regard and where the program could be sown.

Here is our first issue looking at where the program currently sits in the overall quest to make a new comeback to the tournament with conference games underway.

Here are the things that stand out today.

As of today, West Virginia is a virtual lock for the NCAA Tournament. But where are the mountain climbers currently expected to end up?

–ESPN is projecting West Virginia as a No. 4 seed in Region 1. That would put the climbs toward Belmont No. 13.

– According to, which speaks a number of different parentheses, West Virginia is listed in each of them with the highest seed No. 3 and the lowest one No. 6. In total, mountain climbers are currently calculated on average at No. 4 rows.


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