Diabetes can be triggered by common bad sleep – the San Francisco reviewer

The CDC estimates that 26.8 million adults have been diagnosed with diabetes while 88 million adults have prediabetes, and a poor sleep cycle may be to blame. (Liane Roth / SF Examiner)

Do you have difficulty sleeping, are you hungry all the time, have an unquenchable thirst, tingling or stinging hands or feet, are you exhausted at the end of the day, unable to concentrate, feel weak or confused at odd times? It may be a sign of prediabetes or even type 2 diabetes, given the increase in the number of diabetics and lifestyle changes over the past year, as many studies show that diabetes is linked to a variety of health problems including kidney damage, heart problems and cognitive decline. .

The CDC estimates that 26.8 million adults have been diagnosed with diabetes while 7.3 million are undiagnosed, while 88 million adults have prediabetes, of which 24.2 million are 65 years or older. Even prediabetes, which means a higher blood sugar level than normal according to the Mayo Clinic, can be linked to the same health problems.

If you do not find your keys or forget why you went into another room, throw and turn night after night no matter how you tuck out, if you can pinch more than an inch or two at the waist or if you are worried about what to do do to improve your long-term health outcomes, there is some good news on the horizon. Gluconite, a recently released supplement, can help people with diabetes or even those who suffer from many of the symptoms but have not been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes.

Scientific references prove Gluconite is 100% natural and helps regulate abnormal blood sugar levels, especially in people with type 2 diabetes, improve the sleep cycle every night, reduce brain fog, improve sugar optimization in the body through metabolic processes and improve mental acuity. Many studies reveal sleep quality along with the metabolic regulation of the body at night is a key factor in maintaining good health, including weight loss, improved concentration, higher energy levels and better mood stability.

Type 2 diabetes is a manageable health condition but can be difficult to maintain because our bodies are constantly struggling to control our blood sugar levels, which can lead to lower energy levels, loss of concentration, food needs, mood swings, inconsistent sleep patterns and the dreaded weight gain.

The natural ingredients in Gluconite combine to support healthy insulin, blood sugar levels and metabolism to stimulate the whole body while you sleep so that you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Gluconite is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility under good manufacturing practice (GMP) and contains no known allergens, no soy, is vegetarian, non-GMO, but dairy products, animal by-products or wheat and barley. Gluconite contains no harmful toxins and each batch is tested before dispatch. This ensures a high quality product without risk of irritation or with regard to side effects and can be consumed safely without harm.

GluconiteThe all-natural ingredients include hibiscus, an outstanding metabolic enhancer that is said to reduce excess fat around the waist and naturally lower blood sugar levels. and Brazil nuts, filled with chromium, the mineral that has been shown to have positive effects in stabilizing blood sugar levels and increasing insulin sensitivity as well as known to help control hunger and reduce food cravings.

Other beneficial ingredients include Passionflower, which is known to improve metabolism and help lower blood sugar levels and lower high cholesterol levels. chamomile, known to soothe and calm body and soul while reducing anxiety and providing a good night’s sleep; white willow bark, known to help with weight loss and provides pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects; Stevia leaf extract, a natural sweetener that helps keep blood sugar and insulin levels under control; and hops, filled with Iso-α-acids that are known to help with weight loss while modulating the brain’s GABA activity. Gluconite also contains important vitamins A, C. D and K, for a healthy immune system, melatonin for deeper sleep and tryptophan to regulate mood.

Using Gluconite according to instructions usually leads to stabilized blood sugar levels, improved metabolism, more energy, better concentration, a good night’s sleep and weight loss. Thousands of adults have found Gluconite to be an effective and safe supplement to eliminate worrying health problems and has seen positive results leading to a higher quality of life. Even better, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 180 days if you do not see any improvement.

If you are ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights, low energy levels, brain fog and the tricky love handles along with expensive medications, Gluconite has a special discount of 40% if you act quickly and claim your exclusive bottle today. Click ADD TO CART to get the help you need to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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