Cortes Campers launches new website with carbon fiber RV trailers and campers Other OTC: USLG

Cortes Campers manufactures caravans for motorhomes and motorhomes from marine material of the highest quality plus our advanced technology in cast aluminum fiber construction. Cortes Campers CEO, Paul Spivak, has Patents Pending for the new revolutionary RV trailers and camper designs.

EUCLID, Ohio, January 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Cortes Campers, a division of US Lighting Group, Inc. (OTC: USLG), launches its new RV Travel Trailers and Campers website featuring the new 17-ft state – of-the-art travel trailers made by its advanced technology in cast aluminized fiberglass construction patent pending. The company uses an innovative single-axle independent suspension from Timbren Axel for higher ground clearance.

US Lighting Group and Cortes Campers are proud to announce the launch of a new Cortes Campers website. It has state-of-the-art cast aluminized RVR trailers and fiberglass campers. We are happy with the new exterior and interior designs we offer for outdoor enthusiasts, weekend campers and long-term RV travelers. The luxury caravans and motorhomes have extra storage space, windows, appliances and the latest technology to monitor important energy sources. Cortes Campers is about 50% lighter, much stronger and smarter than anything you have ever experienced, says Paul Spivak, CEO of US Lighting Group.

Mr. Spivak continues, “Cortes Campers uses advanced materials and next-generation manufacturing processes to revolutionize the manufacture of recreational vehicles. We manufacture a new series of Monoshell trailers and motorhomes and sell them through the company’s own dealer network with exclusive licensed distributors in the USA. ”

Cortes Campers genuine four-season recreational trailers and campers are handmade from space materials for exceptional weight, strength and thermal properties. The exterior design includes Cortes Campers honeycomb Monoshell core made from biaxially aluminized fiberglass material, carbon fiber and marine quality gelcoats. The luxurious interior has installed security features with electronic monitoring systems and multifunctional energy management system designed by the sister company Intellitronix Corporation.

About US Lighting Group, Inc. and Intellitronix Corp.

US Lighting Group (OTC: USLG) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Intellitronix Corporation, are leading electronics manufacturers and supply growth industries such as high-tech robotics using our own proprietary artificial intelligence, LED lighting, custom LED products, microprocessor-controlled LED instruments, customized privately labeled electronics, vehicle, motorhome and marine electronics. The company has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Cleveland, Ohio with an international sales distribution network.

Forward-looking statements

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