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BDSI: 2 health care products under $ 5 to buy now: BioDelivery Sciences and Global Cord Blood |

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the structural limitations of the US healthcare industry, particularly with regard to resource scarcity and excessive costs. President Biden has signed two more executive orders expand Obama's affordable care law and Medicaid to deliver comprehensive subsidized care coverage to more citizens. In addition, the biopharmaceutical industry is expected to maintain its growth trajectory for most of 2021 as mass vaccination continues. With COVID infection rate decreases In the United States, investors are gradually shifting their focus to healthcare companies that do not necessarily have COVID-19 products in their development managements or portfolios. Global Cord Blood…

There is no waiting list for COVID-19 vaccines: Durham Health Department

The Durham Health Department says there is no waiting list for COVID-19 vaccines. People have called the ward and their doctor asks to be put on a waiting list, but there is no list. "The health department does not yet have a vaccine and may not for weeks and months to come," the department said in a statement. As more vaccines become available locally, the department will provide more information. For the latest updates from Durham Health, Click here. VACCINES UPDATE: There is no waiting list for the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines in #DurhamRegion. The @ DurhamHealth do not…

Local business owners optimistic about the end of Ohio’s coronavirus health orders

CLEVELAND (WJW) - Entrepreneurs react positively to Thursday's announcement of Governor Mike DeWine that all coronavirus health orders could soon be lifted. The governor said he would cancel all orders for the COVID-19 case number falls below 50 per 100,000 people for two straight weeks. Ohio Gov. DeWine sets COVID-19 goals to lift all health records "Honestly, overjoyed," said Sam McNulty, founder and co-owner of Market Garden Brewery. "It has been this slow burning of optimism that grows and grows every day." McNulty and his partners have already taken steps to reopen their five businesses on March 10, including Bar…

Sullivan: Develop a strategy for mental health care

Social distancing and face masks - while helping us stay physically healthy - in many cases distance us from relationships and social encounters that help us stay mentally healthy.Operation Warp Speed ​​facilitated and accelerated the COVID-19 vaccines that help us return to a sense of "normal". But no vaccine has been developed to protect our mental health.We need to work together on that and focus on ourselves first.People - as they can - should be involved in mental health care.During Eric Holcomb's Dec. 30 COVID-19 update, Dr. Jennifer Sullivan, secretary of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, provided information…

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